Who You Think I Am

Juliette Binoche shines in this tale of a woman who finds a new lease of life through the anonymity of the online world.

To spy on her lover Ludo, 50 year-old Claire Millaud (Juliette Binoche) creates a fake profile on social media and becomes Clara, a beautiful 24 year-old. Alex, Ludo’s friend, is instantly enamoured. Claire, trapped by her avatar, falls madly in love with him. Although everything is played out in the virtual world, the feelings that blossom are quite real. Safy Nebbou’s smart and captivating drama steers clear of the genre trappings of a thriller by examining the impact of Claire transforming herself online – how the obstacles she faces because of her age out in the real world cease to be a problem for her, and what this says about the society we live in. Binoche is in her element, giving yet another flawless performance.

★★★★★ “I’ve seen it twice and it’s even better the second time.” - Kevin Maher, The Times

Directed by
Runtime 102 Minutes
Release date 2020