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The Decent One

The Decent One

A distinct and remarkable portrait of Heinrich Himmler is revealed in The Decent One.

Through previously undiscovered private letters, photos and diaries that were found in the Himmler family house in 1945, the The Decent One exposes a unique and at times uncomfortable access to the life and mind of the merciless Architect of the Final Solution Heinrich Himmler. Himmler writes, “In life one must always be decent, courageous and kind-hearted”. How can a man be a hero in his own eyes and a mass murderer in the eyes of the world?

An extraordinary portrait of one the most prominent figures of the Third Reich: The Reichsführer-SS: Heinrich Himmler.

★★★★ “Profound” Ian Nathan, Empire ★★★★★ “Unpleasant but essential” - Jaspar Rees, The Telegraph

Directed by
Runtime 94 Minutes
Release date 2015
  • Certification: 15