Faces Places

Faces Places

In her penultimate film, iconic French filmmaker teams up with enigmatic photographer JR on a unique trip around France.

Recognising a like-minded soul in each other, Varda and JR set out together to explore the villages and small towns of rural France. Journeying in JR’s van-sized Polaroid camera, the two create a series of large-scale portraits of the people they meet, plastering the results across unconventional locations around the country – even finding time to put a shot of Varda’s toes on a passing train. Her fascination with people is matched by JR’s enthusiasm and together they make a delightful, perfect odd couple. Winner of the Golden Eye Award at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, Faces Places is a heart-warming portrait of community and a paean to friendship.

★★★★ “As provocative as it is poetic and poignant” - David Parkinson, Empire

★★★★ “A typical, even archetypal, Varda mixture of the combative and the contemplative” - Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

★★★★★ “The subjects are so warm and wonderful… A self-referential marvel” - Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian

Directed by
Runtime 89 Minutes
Release date 2018
  • Certification: 12